International Platform for 
Emergency Medicine Pioneers

– through an academic partnership between Cape Town and Bern

The best insight
on Emergency Medicine.


High-level education
and renowned mentorship.


Granted certificate from Bern
and Cape Town Universities.


Intense two-day long modules providing deep insight on fundamental matters for patient safety and emergency management.

» Emergency ECG Course
» Patient Safety in the ER
» On Demand Courses
» Airline/Shipping Company Crew Training in Emergency Medical Procedures


The MPhil is offered as a combination of coursework and a minor dissertation. If taken over two years, it equates to a workload of 16-20 hours per week towards the programme.

» MPhil in Emergency Medicine

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2nd International Congress

26-28 May 2016
Nis, Serbia

European Congress
on Emergency Medicine

01-05 October 2016
Vienna, Austria

African Conference
on Emergency Medicine

09-11 November 2016
Cairo, Egypt