Our set of courses will make you stand out in every Emergency Centre, thanks to a deep knowledge of this branch of medicine’s specific needs.

Patient Safety

Our primary everyday goal.

Critical Thinking

The fundamental skill when it comes to fast decision making.


Don’t let the emergency
take over.


Be a good lead for your team and a better guide for your patients.


Graduates in Emergency medicine graduate as clinicians. Yet there are many additional spheres needed apart from clinical acumen necessary to be a good specialist in the melting pot of the Emergency Department (ED) facing undifferentiated pathology. CEEM seeks to provide top quality training in this realm, to fill the vital gaps that exist in specialist training. Emphasis in the training will be patient safety, critical thinking and the related management and leadership required to optimise the ED, though some clinical courses will also be offered. Course options will expand in time. Candidates wishing to embark on a full Masters programme currently endorsed by the University of Cape Town should also enquire.


Intense two-day long modules providing deep insight on fundamental matters for patient safety and emergency management.

» Emergency ECG Course
» Patient Safety in the ER
» Airline/Shipping Company Crew Training in Emergency Medical Procedures

On demand

Our courses can be arranged on special request.

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