Strength through partnerships

Alliances & Associations

The International Centre for Excellence in the Emergency Medicine, CEEM, as a NGO provides a platform for likeminded emergency medicine providers, trainers, associations and societies from all over the world to come together and improve EM. We are proud to be associated with the following organisations and associations:

  • Emergency Medicine Cape Town
  • Emergency Medicine, University of Bern
  • African Federation of Emergency Medicine
  • Serbian Society of Emergency Medicine
  • …and many more to follow.

CEEM itself also provides hands-on support and training for developing EDs/ ECs worldwide!

Sponsoring Partner

Our work receives a significant boost from the following partners,
allowing the Patient Safety message to be spread further afield.


Contact us

International Centre for Excellence in Emergency Medicine (CEEM)
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Bern 3010 – Switzerland

T: +41 31 632 24 42
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